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Ben proves he’s a cut above the rest to raise money for Advance Brighter Futures

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Due to current circumstances, many of us are probably in need of a good haircut and might’ve been thinking about resorting to a so-called ‘haircut at home’.

Ben Williams was one of these people, but he actually used this as an opportunity to raise funds to help out a local mental health charity that is very close to his heart.


Ben explained: “With the country in lockdown and all of the hairdressers closed, I was in need of a haircut, but I didn’t have many options.

“The idea of shaving my head came up, and that’s when I started to see it as an opportunity to do so as a fundraiser for Advance Brighter Futures (ABF). I asked people if they’d donate if I shaved it all off and they were really, really generous.

“My step-dad did the shaving and overall, I raised £200 for an amazing charity. I get to see first-hand all the incredible work it does in the local area…plus, as an added bonus this haircut should last me until the hairdressers re-open.”

Ben has represented ABF for over two years now, originally starting as a volunteer in February 2018, which then led to him becoming an employee in September 2019.

Advance Brighter Futures is a mental health and wellbeing charity, established in Wrexham since 1992. Our vision is to ensure that no individual experiencing mental health problems ever feels like they are on their own.

Ben said: “It started with me coming in to do two afternoons a week of administration work. Following that I then volunteered to help out with the Erddig walk on a weekly basis too.

“I’m now on a 9-hour contract where I do admin work for them and I also continue to do the walk on a voluntary basis.”


Ben continued “Advance Brighter Futures means family to me because everyone who works here is part of one big family. ABF also means happiness because everybody here always has a big smile on their face, which will brighten your day.”


Lorrisa Roberts, Chief Officer at Advance Brighter Futures, said: “It’s wonderful that Ben used his initiative to raise some money and bring awareness to the work we do, but it didn’t surprise me at all.

“Ben is someone who came in to us as a volunteer and understood our core values very quickly and is now employed by the charity. He represents us really well and I’d just like to say that Ben, you’re a credit to ABF”.


Lockdown has presented many challenges for charities across Wales, but ABF continues to operate and provide its vital services, albeit in a much different way than usual.

Lorrisa explains: “Something we’re keen to stress is that we’re still open, and although you won’t be able to come to the building for support, we’ve set up our staff to work from home to provide telephone support to the people who need us.

“We’ve also been able to use Zoom to still offer our group sessions, and this has also been a great way for staff to keep in touch by having staff meetings. In many ways this has brought us all closer together.

“The country is in lockdown, but mental health certainly isn’t and our message is clear – we’re still here for you.”

WHAT WE DO For more information about the charity and the services we offer, please visit our website.


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