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About Us

A Helping Hand For People’s Mental Health For Over 30 Years

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We’re a mental health and wellbeing charity, established in Wrexham since 1992.

Our approach to personal recovery is not a medical treatment or therapy. It is the process of building a meaningful and satisfying life as defined by the individual experiencing mental health problems. The charity is very hands-on and retains a lot of people who have benefited from services as volunteers.


Advance Brighter Futures values and utilises the diverse life experience, skills and time of its members, trustees, staff, and volunteers. People who have lived experience of mental health problems are particularly valued as they usually have a wealth of personal knowledge, wisdom, empathy, extra reason for commitment and patience to connect, inspire, give hope and help others.


The philosophy of Advance Brighter Futures is very much centered around improving the quality of life experienced by people we support, as well as the volunteers involved in the projects.


Most of the people we help are socially isolated and we know we make a huge difference to their lives – sometimes our interventions can be the difference between life and death. These interventions can make, and have made, an enormous difference to the opportunities on offer to an individual, across all aspects of their lives. Our charity has a passion for supporting those who need a helping hand.

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