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Caring shop assistant rewarded with free place on mental health course

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

A Wrexham shop assistant who came to the aid of a family has been rewarded with a free place on a mental health training course worth £150 by local charity Advance Brighter Futures.

Maddie Parry-Carter, 19, was working a shift in Home Bargains on Holt Road in Wrexham when she noticed an incident in the car park involving a mum and her daughter and immediately went out to help the family.

Ella, 11, was shopping with her mum, Kayleigh Williams when a car suddenly reversed into them both in the car park. Ella, although not physically hurt, was shaken up after the incident and started to have a panic attack.

Maddie said, “I took Ella into the Cafe in store and tried to keep her calm by helping her with some breathing exercises and distracting her mind by talking about school. I grabbed a teddy bear from the store to help her feel as comfortable as possible.” (Fluffy the Bunny - pictured)

Kayleigh said, “We are so thankful to Maddie for her support that day. We just asked for a glass of water for Ella, but Maddie gave us so much more than just that. She didn’t leave Ella’s side. Ella was so worked up she was struggling to breathe - the kindness and support that Maddie showed Ella that day saved us a trip to A&E.”

Ella presented Maddie with some flowers, a homemade picture and card to say thank you for helping her in her time of need.

Ella said, "Maddie went above and beyond her role in store that day and I am so thankful to her.”

Zoe Whitehead from Advance Brighter Futures spotted a social media post that Kayleigh had posted on a local community Facebook group and reached out to the family.

Maddie was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the charity as well as a place on its upcoming Mental Health First Aid training course, worth £150.

Zoe said, “We were immediately touched by the story. It sounds like Maddie handled the situation perfectly and used many of the skills needed to be an excellent Mental Health First Aider. We’re pleased to hear Ella is doing okay.

“Not only did we want to highlight Maddie’s incredible kindness, but we also wanted to spread some awareness as there is still so much stigma around mental health, including anxiety and panic attacks. We believe that sharing stories such as this one will reassure people that they’re not alone if they too struggle with their mental health.”

Advance Brighter Futures (ABF) is a small, community based mental health and wellbeing charity. Established in 1992, it has offered a helping, supportive hand to those who are experiencing challenges with their mental health and wellbeing for over 30 years.

Zoe added, “At ABF we know there is no magic wand when it comes to mental health, but we listen to, care about, and believe in the people we support. We help people improve their mental health and wellbeing and support them to build a more resilient, brighter future. Our vision is to ensure that no person experiencing mental health problems ever feels like they’re on their own.

“As well as supporting the community with their mental health, we also deliver mental health courses, training and support to local businesses and organisations, training teams to be more mental health aware so they know what to do in situations just like this one. We’re delighted to offer Maddie a space on one of our training days as a gesture of appreciation and look forward to supporting Home Bargains further in this area.”

To find out more about the services Advance Brighter Futures offers you can visit its website: or drop an email to

If you need to talk to someone around the clock – or you’re concerned about a loved one - call 111 and select option 2 to speak to a dedicated member of the NHS 111 mental health team. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – offering urgent mental health support to people of all ages across North Wales. The number is free to call from a landline or mobile, even if you have no credit left.


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