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It’s Stress Awareness Month! Local mental health charity says “watch out for the signs”

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Thursday, April 1st marks the beginning of Stress Awareness Month 2021 and Wrexham mental health and wellbeing charity Advance Brighter Futures (ABF) wants you to look out for any signs you might be stressed as this is the first step towards improving your own wellbeing.

Lorrisa Roberts, Chief Officer at ABF, said: “Stress affects so many of us, and the ongoing pandemic has significantly increased people’s stress and anxiety levels even further over the last 12 months. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ignoring what you’re feeling, and with stress the pressure can build up pretty quickly.

“Please watch out for any signs that you could be stressed, such as snapping at people for no reason, or if you’re feeling drained or worn out all the time. If you’re feeling stressed or pressured, it’s so important to remember that solutions are out there – you’ve just got to find them.

“The first step in finding a solution is to identify the cause of your stress. For example, if you’re not coping at work, just saying ‘no’ to taking on extra work might help. Solutions will be different for every person, but often simple things like adopting a positive mindset, sharing what you’re feeling with others, or becoming more active can make a difference.”


Advance Brighter Futures has a number of services available for free that can help local people who are feeling stressed or anxious.

ABF runs free Managing Stress and Anxiety group sessions over six weeks. These sessions take place on Zoom and are designed to help you manage different emotional states by exploring the causes of your stress and anxiety. The next ones are set to commence soon, with dates currently being finalised, and people can register their interest in attending.

ABF’s HALO project offers free, weekly Mellow Monday sessions (also through Zoom) to give a mindful and relaxing start to the week. Activities include breathing exercises, gentle movement exercises, meditation techniques and other relaxing morning rituals.

If you’re interested in attending either of these or would like to find out more about them, please call 01978 364777, or email

If you’re feeling stressed but don’t feel like these group sessions are suitable for you, you can call ABF to discuss which of its other services you may be interested in.

For more information on Advance Brighter Futures please visit


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