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“Make Time to Talk” says Wrexham mental health and well-being charity!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Time to Talk Day 2021 takes place on Thursday, February 4, with the emphasis this year being on ‘the Power of Small’.

Wrexham mental health and well-being charity, Advance Brighter Futures (ABF), is supporting this message and wants people to realise how a small conversation can often have a big impact on you and the people around you.

Lorrisa Roberts, Chief Officer at ABF, said: “With the situation we’re in now, lots of us aren’t having as many conversations as we would if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic. It’s so important to pick up the phone and check in on the people you care about, as well as talking to others about how you are feeling.

“Time to Talk Day encourages us to speak to each other about our mental health, but if someone is feeling isolated, they might struggle to take the initiative. Those phone, FaceTime or Skype calls are really important, so if you haven’t heard from someone you care about for a while, or you feel you need to get something of your chest yourself, please reach out and make Time to Talk.

“A five-minute chat doesn’t sound – or often feel – like a lot, but in many cases it can be so much more to someone.”


Advance Brighter Futures is running a free online Zoom session between 4-5pm this Thursday (4th Feb), which will give people an opportunity to make Time to Talk with others.

Gareth Bilton, Engagement Officer at ABF, said: “The session will feature some easy-going games and small icebreakers, but importantly give people an opportunity to share how they’re feeling – although only if they are comfortable to do so.

“One of the things we’ll explore is how we get asked how we are, countless times, by people, strangers, close ones, and acquaintances. Our response is often a polite, ‘I’m fine thank you, how are you?’ We respond in this way even if we’re feeling anything but fine! This is a habit that hides how we truly are and can stop a conversation before it starts.

“Our session will also look at the different things around us that can support and enhance our well-being…everyday things that aren’t extravagant, or even things we’re often aware of. Giving ourselves a reminder of these small, but meaningful things around us can be really helpful. The session is free and we welcome everyone to come along.”

To find out more about this session, please call 01978 364777 or email


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